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Steve Wilson

Denver, Colorado

Making fun stuff since forever!

Making fun stuff since forever!

Way back in 2000, Steve joined the US Navy right after finishing high school with hopes of later pursuing a career in marine biology. Near the end of six years of honorable service as a sonar technician supervisor he realized that his first passion would always be art/design. He was gifted a copy of Photoshop 7.0 and that's when everything changed. He immediately began learning the program while promoting his friend's rock band by creating their identity and show posters. From there he branched out into merchandise and apparel design. Then, after freelancing for over ten years, he decided to go back to school where he earned a bachelor's degree in graphic design. This helped him to push his career to new heights in collaborating with independent companies and well-established brands.

Steve's main focuses are identity, packaging and marketing with a strong emphasis on conceptual development, project ideation and effective communication. He also jumps at the chance to incorporate his unique illustration styles into projects whenever possible.